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Lynn and Joe have plans to create a New Urbanism village that follows the historic character of the Town of Kenansville. Another name for this approach is Traditional Neighborhood Development as opposed to a conventional suburban sprawl approach. Smaller lots with more open spaces minimize the impact on the natural environment, and create a more walkable scale neighborhood. This traditional village uses many of the same design principles as were used in the original design of historic towns such as Charleston, Edenton, and Alexandria.

The plan includes small scale interconnecting streets that respect the existing conditions of the site and will provide a variety of pedestrian routes including connectivity to historic Kenansville, James Sprunt Community College, and the Duplin Commons complex. The streets and lanes are detailed for pedestrian comfort and vehicular convenience. Rear lanes are used for servicing and accessing many of the homes.

The structure of the blocks, layout of the lots, and architectural design provide a flexible, line-grain framework for mixing building types from the inn and large houses fronting the main thoroughfare, to medium and smaller size single-family homes. duplexes. and town houses within the neighborhood. A village center with some commercial businesses and services is also planned.